Workshop “Stata meets Python”

At this year’s German Stata Conference (June 15-16, Humboldt University, Berlin) I will be teaching a workshop titled “Stata meets Python”.

What is it about?

Attendants will learn how to use the Python integration facilities that Stata has made available in order to embed Python code in Stata (since version 16) or Stata code in Python (since version 17). Stata calls this integration collectively PyStata. It includes among other ingredients a pystata python package written by Stata (which enables embedding of Stata code in Python) as well as the sfi module – Stata Function Interface (SFI) which can be used to access Stata’s current dataset, frames, macros, scalars, matrices, value lables, global Mata matrices etc.

Why should you attend?

Both languages have large lively communities which create user written programs with little overlap. The integration doubles the amount of ammunition you can throw at data problems.

The Program can be found on Stata’s own website as well as on the official conference page.