Mobility related searches

The searches for information on “traffic jams” world wide collapsed as lockdowns came in effect.

After a peak on March 12 (probably caused by those returning home) searches on the topics of “travel” an d “passport” dropped significantly also as internal mobility and international travel are confined.

The footprint of “bus” and “taxicab” in global search dropped as social distancing is imposed and transit stations are to be avoided.

The topic of “bicycle” in seasonal upwards trend from last year vs seasonal trend, boosted by the pandemic this year.

“Stationary bicycle” search rise in lieu of the now shut down fitness clubs.

Searches for “flights” drop as a travel and mobility are confined.

Searches for “cancellation” in the category of insurance as planned travel and other events are cancelled.

Searches for “vacation” are reduced in tandem with “travel” searches

Dining out is no more as “restaurant” searches go down but “take-out” picks up.